Technophar is a global supplier of softgel manufacturing equipment, auxiliary equipment, and turnkey solutions. We serve the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries. With over three decades of industry expertise, our manufacturing sites in North America and Europe offer unprecedented production capacity. No matter your softgel machinery needs, we’ll bring a wealth of specialist knowledge and expertise to the partnership.

Driven by our key values of quality, technology, and innovation, Technophar is committed to high-quality service and reliable, on-time delivery. We improve industry standards and develop new products to better serve our global partners.


Backed by more than 30 years of equipment manufacturing experience, Technophar has reached many milestones. We’re especially proud of our most recent milestone—becoming part of the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation family.

Technophar Company Milestones


Qualicaps® is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Holding Corporation (MCHC) through its Life Sciences Institute (LSII), which unites the Group’s healthcare businesses. MCHC is a Japanese chemical, industrial, and healthcare company that aims to achieve a KAITEKI society, based on the philosophy “Good Chemistry for Tomorrow.” The Life Science Institute has the mission of offering the most advanced and high-quality solutions to contribute widely to people’s health, through all stakeholders, in an inspiring manner.

Qualicaps® originated in 1897 within Eli Lilly & Co. as a capsule manufacturing plant in the company’s headquarters in Indianapolis, USA. This century-long heritage within the pharmaceutical industry dictates a profound understanding of the needs of our customers, for whom we have focused on delivering high-quality standards since the very beginning.

After acquiring Technophar in 2007, Qualicaps® has been Technophar’s parent company for the past ten years.

Our vision is to become the #1 capsule partner to the healthcare industry through high standards of quality, functionality, and performance.

Our mission is to successfully achieve our vision through:

    • Product quality and innovation
    • Superior customer service and global account management
    • Scientific leadership
    • A KAITEKI value management system and corporate culture: Enduring, lasting value creation; contributing to the betterment of individuals, society, and the Earth

Enduring, lasting value creation; contributing to the betterment of individuals, society, and the Earth.

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Enduring, lasting value creation; Technophar contributing to the betterment of individuals, society, and the Earth.

KAITEKI is the foundation of the Technophar corporate culture and is at the core of our strategy, our management style, and our enterprise-wide responsibility. This concept, unique to Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation companies, and the way Technophar integrates it into our day-to-day business differentiates us in the healthcare world, where our customers rely on ethical business partners.

KAITEKI essentially means a sustainable condition that is comfortable for individuals, society, and the Earth, transcending time and generations. Technophar integrates KAITEKI into the business as a value philosophy based on the management of three strategic pillars: economy, technology, and sustainability.

MCHC aims to achieve a truly KAITEKI society, based on its vision of “Good Chemistry for Tomorrow.” “THE KAITEKI COMPANY” defines us as a member of the Group that thinks and acts toward the realization of KAITEKI. Ultimately, the path to achieving KAITEKI consists of a collective consciousness and joint efforts among the nearly 70,000 employees of the MCHC Group to contribute to the resolution of social and environmental issues through our products and services, and as a driver of innovation.


Technophar is a Canadian company specializing in the design, development, and manufacturing of soft gelatin encapsulation machines. Our equipment is running in pharmaceutical, nutritional, cosmetic, and technical companies globally.

Technophar positions:

  • Mechanical design engineers
  • Automation control, PLC
  • Electricians
  • Supervisors, managers
  • Maintenance personnel-lathe operators, CNC, welders, machine fitters
  • Warehouse/shipping/receiving/logistics
  • Customer service representatives
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Finance
  • Purchasing
  • Computer system analysts




We are hiring for the position of Mechanical Technician.



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