Pilot-Scale Softgel Machines

Pilot-scale softgel encapsulation machines incorporate a plug-and-play rotary die process capable of producing
high-quality customized softgels with precise accuracy.



  • Engineered-robust design with a small-scale footprint meets high-demand output.
  • Operational speeds of up to 5RPM, and 4-medicine plungers with electronic-gearing technology using servo motors.
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC) with touchscreen.
  • Three brands of platform options used to control all production and process parameters.
  • UL or CE certified, with FDA-approved material contact parts.
  • Designed to meet GMP compliance standards.




Commercial-Scale Softgel Machines

In-house engineered commercial-scale softgel machines feature NextGen upgrades using automated servo-motor technology driving, convenience, speed, and optimized production.



  • Modular design provides flexibility for easy maintenance and part changeovers.
  • Features motion control system with safeguards.
  • Operational speeds up to 8RPM (up to 3x higher than the standard 4” x 6” die roll).
  • 20-plunger medicine pump.
  • Easy integration with additional softgel processing equipment.
  • Self-contained units with electrical/PLC systems.
  • Designed to meet GMP compliance standards.


Highly-efficient softgel machine offers precision in medium-scale production. Includes a PLC with a touchscreen, providing enhanced control over processes. The electrical components and PLC are situated in separate electrical panels, allowing flexible placement in the production room or technical mezzanine through a conduit. 



  • Aluminum-frame construction.
  • Motion Control System with electronic gearing using servo motors.
  • Die Roll Dimensions: approximately 4″ x 7.25″.
  • Standard pump is 12 plungers and Mini pump is 18.
  • Machine can as 612NextGen go up to 8 RPM.
  • Designed to meet GMP compliance standards.


Tumbler Dryers
(Pre-Dryers for Post-Tray Drying)

Tumbler Dryers

Tumbler dryers is the most effective way in the initial drying phase for all types of fills to help shape and dry soft gels according to machine output specifications. Offered as a standalone unit or in combination with our encapsulation machines with both single and double-deck configurations.

Continuous Drying Systems

Technophar’s robust and energy-efficient systems offer dynamic drying for non-hygroscopic oil fills. Experience easy cleaning and flexible drying capacity improving efficiency and additional operational/labour costs.

All machines are GMP compliant meeting the highest in quality standards. 

Drying Tunnels

Drying Tunnels

Technophar’s drying tunnels are designed to provide superior performance and offer the convenience of simple on-site assembly. Used for static drying of soft gel capsules after tumbler dryer to ensure capsule moisture is reduced to 7-9% water content and overall quality is preserved.


Technophar can supply standard and fully automated melters. Choose plug and play melters for lab scale. We have commercial size standard and automated melters including load cells, automated evacuation, temperature control, mixing, and PLC with recipe screen.


A wide variety of GMP/FDA standard tanks are offered as per Technophar design, constructed from stainless steel with capacity of 50 L to 400 L. Our selection includes tanks with a single wall or double wall with temperature control to maintain the prescribed temperature and gelatin pressurized tanks.


The Capsules Polisher is a machine capable of operating in two modes: manual and automatic with a tumbler basket capacity of 120 kg. It’s fabricated from stainless steel and FDA approved material contact parts to fulfill the GMP standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

The Capsules Polisher is portable, requires no special electrical connection, and is ideal for both pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products.


For over three decades, Technophar has been producing the highest quality hard gelatin capsule machines. Today with more than 300 machines have been installed globally at some of the largest hard gelatin capsule manufacturers. Many of these projects were turnkey solutions.


Technophar continues to supply third party empty hard gelatin capsule machines.


Please CONTACT US today to inquire about the best technology on the market.


Die rolls are available for all Technophar machines, as well as any other soft gel machine manufacturers. All the tooling is made in house using high-precision CNC machines and CMM measuring instruments for quality control. Smooth services free of any scratches make gelatin sticking impossible and provide easier release of the formed capsule. High corrosion resistance and excellent lasting durability is provided due to the use of the highest strength of Aircraft quality Aluminum.


To Download our Die Roll Production Rates, please click here.


Teflon coated wedges in brass or aluminum are available in all configurations and lengths and offer superior heat control.


Available on request.

Soft Gel Capsule Tooling and spare parts brochure. View or download below:

Soft Gel Capsule Tooling services and solutions brochure. View or download below:


The medicine pump and components are constructed from D2 steel. The pistons are heat-treated and chromed for superior resistance to wear. The medicine pumps are available in a variety of Plunger configurations (Standard, Maxi, and Mini).


Our selection includes variable ribbon widths to minimize gelatin usage. They are equipped with electronic level control and adjustable gates to control the ribbon thickness.


All mechanical and electrical spare parts are available.


Technophar and Qualicaps® are the world’s most innovative manufacturers of two-piece capsule band sealing equipment. Our commercially proven technology uses a double band seal for durability, protection, and visibility.


A dosage delivery system is only as strong as its seal. In addition to isolating contents inside the capsule, capsule banding has several end benefits:

  • Assures the user that their dosage has been free of tampering
  • Helps reduce the likelihood of the product being counterfeited
  • Easy to visually inspect
  • Adds mechanical strength to the capsule
  • Coloured seals create brand differentiation
  • Meets the requirements for tamper evidence for OTC products
  • Effectively prevents leakage in liquid-filled capsules
  • Improves stability
  • A significant reduction in oxygen diffusion


The S-2 banding machine is the perfect addition to enhance capsule development options in the laboratory. Simulating the sealing process of a commercial scale S-40 or S-100 capsule band-sealing machine, the S-2 Bench-Top Capsule Band-Sealer is capable of sealing between 100 and 1,000 capsules per hour.

Capsule band-sealing machine featuring newly designed top plates, new in-line plate positioning, and a simplified control panel for a higher capacity and faster sealing.