6 Leading Innovations from Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturers

6 Leading Innovations from Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturers

Without innovation, there would be no progress. The pharmaceutical industry relies heavily on innovation to constantly improve healthcare. It is due to pharmaceutical innovation that manufacturers are able to produce medication on a commercial scale to better serve the health-related needs of the general public.

In recent years, six leading equipment innovations have contributed to the success of the pharmaceutical industry.


In the current tech age, everything is digital. Pharmaceutical machinery suppliers have taken this digital technology and incorporated it into pharmaceutical machinery. As such, softgel machines are now being equipped with digital control systems.

These systems allow manufacturers to stop, start, and control a variety of different equipment features on their machines. This is just one way digital technology is revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry and making manufacturers’ lives that much easier.


As a new pharmaceutical manufacturer, wouldn’t it be easy if your production facilities came planned, equipped, and ready to use? With turnkey solutions, you can acquire tested and proven plant layouts with the corresponding high-tech equipment, saving you a ton of time and money from having to set up your own operations. It really is that easy.


Your output capacity depends on three major factors:

  1. speed;
  2. machine production capacity; and
  3. hours of operation.

With efficiency in mind, pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers have created equipment that is faster than ever before, with an even greater hourly production capacity.

Equipment manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve their products to create machines with the highest output capacity on the market. This is favourable to pharmaceutical manufacturers as it increases efficiency, which brings in additional revenue.


We all know cleaning pharmaceutical equipment is essential, but sometimes it can be an absolute nightmare. In recent years, pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers have recognized this problem and created a solution—quick-disconnect features.

Quick-disconnect features allow pharmaceutical manufacturers to clean their equipment with less hassle than before. It’s a quick and easy way to get the job done without halting your production process for extended periods at a time.


Space is a precious commodity. As such, it’s important that you maximize the efficiency of your facility to best serve your pharmaceutical manufacturing process. With area conservation in mind, many pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers have designed equipment to perform multiple functions or combine various machines.

As an example, an in-line drying system removed the need for tumble dryers and drying tunnels. It is one machine that can effectively perform the same job as two.


Packaging has become an innovative subcategory of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers have been quick to create machines that meet the growing need for various packaging of different types of pharmaceuticals.

From pouches to bubble packaging, there is no shortage of innovative packaging introduced annually to the pharmaceutical sector.


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