7 Important Factors in Manufacturing Softgel Capsules

7 Important Factors in Manufacturing Softgel Capsules

Manufacturing softgels is vastly different from manufacturing two-piece hard capsules or tablets. As such, there are different considerations you should take into account as a softgel manufacturer. Of these considerations, we’ve outlined the seven most important factors when manufacturing softgel capsules.


The speed of your equipment will determine your manufacturing process’ output capacity. While you might think faster is always better, you want to keep in mind that your output still needs to be managed by your staff.

While some machines can reach up to eight rotations per minute, it is advised to operate at six RPM instead. This way, a single operator will be able to keep up with output, and your drying systems will be able to keep up with the number of capsules they need to dry. Furthermore, the faster the machine runs, the more defective capsules will be produced if the batch is producing any leakers.


The quality of your equipment will have a direct impa­­­­ct of the quality on your product. As such, you want to make sure you’re investing in quality machinery.

How do you know whether you’re buying the best equipment to manufacture your capsules? Trusting a reputable, experienced, and proven equipment provider ensures you’re purchasing the highest quality machines.


You want to make sure you have the right equipment that performs the necessary functions for your production process. You’ll need to start with a softgel machine and then consider your drying system. You have options when it comes to these machines, and it’s important to factor in their versatility before investing.

Additionally, it may be a wise investment for you to consider additional auxiliary equipment, such as sorters or polishers, which can improve your production process.


As previously mentioned, you have options when it comes to your drying process. If you’re producing a significant number of oil-based soft gel capsules, an in-line drying system may be your best option. This continuous drying system is faster and sees the entire encapsulation process through from start to finish.

If you’re not working with oil-based softgel capsules, you’ll need to stick to a standard tumbler dryer and drying tunnel system, which is a lengthier process. Evaluate your manufacturing requirements ahead of time to find the drying system that best suits your needs.


Successful employees are made through rigorous training and experience. One of the services your equipment provider should offer you is training.

Training will allow your employees to become more familiar with your manufacturing equipment. After an informative session, they will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to tackle any problem they may face.


Gelatin is a tricky substance—too much moisture and it will be too sticky, too little moisture and your softgel capsules will be brittle and crack easily. To avoid either of these problems, it’s essential for manufacturers to find the perfect formulation for their softgel capsules.

Knowing what percentage of ingredients renders the best softgels is an essential factor in any softgel manufacturing process.


Your production process can always be improved upon. Your operations should be assessed frequently to maximize your machine efficiency and output capacity. You should always be on the lookout for areas of improvement. This way, your production process will continue to evolve in a positive direction as your company expands and grows.

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