The Benefits of Capsule Band Sealing

The Benefits of Capsule Band Sealing

Two-piece capsules provide manufacturers and consumers alike with a variety of options. Whether pellet or liquid filling, there are many different kinds of capsules, but there’s one thing that shouldn’t be an option in your production process—capsule band sealing.

While it is possible to create a capsule without band sealing, this is not the best option for your product. Band sealing has many benefits that can improve your production process and your brand perception to consumers.

If you’re looking to provide your consumers with the best products on the market, capsule band sealing is the answer for you. Learn more about the numerous benefits of band sealing.


Capsule band sealing contributes to an overall more structured capsule, adding mechanical strength to the product. The band can effectively keep all the filling inside the capsule, creating a durable capsule that is able to withstand more demanding environments.

The strength of the band also helps improve the shelf-life of the capsule and its filling. When a capsule is properly sealed, there is a reduction in oxygen diffusion, which helps preserve the quality of your filling material. The less oxidization that occurs, the more potent your filling remains, ensuring that a strong capsule band will prolong the life of your capsule.


The fundamental purpose of a capsule is to keep the filling inside. When leaks occur, this is a major problem for your production process. Capsule band sealing is a great way to ensure the filling of your capsule stays inside and remains usable all the way up until consumption.

Capsules that are not band sealed are more likely to leak compared to those that are. In addition, 98 percent of gas vapours that enter a capsule do so between the capsule overlay when there is not a band to protect this space.


Capsule band sealing makes it easy to see if a tear or leak has occurred. While capsule weight and inspection equipment is available, band sealing makes it extremely easy to visually identify which capsules are defective.


A great way to differentiate your product from other capsules on the market is to use a coloured band to seal your capsules. This will help associate the capsule with your brand; it can reinforce your brand in the minds of your consumers. Elderly individuals who are one of the highest demographics for pharmaceutical consumption also have an easier time differentiating between their medication when it is coloured differently, making medication administration that much easier.

Consumers are also more likely to choose a capsule that is coloured.

Since this helps differentiate your capsules, it also helps ward off counterfeiting. It will be more difficult for people to forge your capsules if there is a distinctive differentiation limited only to your capsule.


Since the Tylenol Murders of 1982, tamper-proof medication has been a priority in the pharmaceutical industry. The FDA requires medication to follow strict packaging guidelines to prevent product tampering. Capsule band sealers help manufacturers meet these requirements, helping them guarantee only the safest products are available to consumers.

This ease of mind offered to consumers also allows brands to develop further trust and loyalty with their customers.

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