Want to Speed Up the Softgel Production Process? Use an In-Line Drying Process

Want to Speed Up the Softgel Production Process? Use an In-Line Drying Process

All softgel manufacturers want to know how to speed up the production process without increasing the margin for error or compromising the quality of their products. The speed of your production process relies on your equipment’s ability to handle high-volume demand and your operators’ ability to keep up.

If your equipment is unable to accommodate a faster encapsulation process, this can lead to a variety of different errors that may render your capsules defective. Similarly, if your operators are not equipped to deal with a high output capacity, this will cause human error in your softgel production process. Both are equally problematic and could cost your company valuable time and money.

The best solution for speeding up your softgel production process while still maintaining product integrity is to purchase the proper equipment. Equipment that is created for fast, effective, and easy production will make your life that much easier.

One of these pieces of equipment is the in-line dryer. Keep reading to discover how using an in-line dryer can help you significantly speed up your softgel production process.


If you currently use tumbler dryers then drying tunnels, you know it can be a lengthy process. Once softgel capsules are pre-dried in the tumbler dryers, they must be laid out and transferred to drying tunnels for a few days before they are ready to be packaged.

In comparison, in-line drying systems are a quick and easy solution to all your drying needs. An in-line dryer is one piece of equipment that quickly dries the recently encapsulated softgel capsule and produces a product ready for packaging at the end.


The most obvious benefit of in-line drying is that it speeds up your production process. Instead of having to wait days for a finished product, you only have to wait hours. Your employees will also be able to complete other tasks, which would have otherwise been filled transporting your softgel capsules from the tumble dryer to drying tunnels. This will allow you to increase your manufacturing process’ output capacity, saving you time and earning your company more money.

In addition, in-line drying systems will also ensure that, amidst your softgel production process, you’re not leaving a significant amount of money on the table. To minimize the wait before you can package and sell your capsules, in-line drying systems eliminate the slow drying tunnel step completely. Instead, capsules will be ready in a few short hours—rather than days.


While an in-line drying system can improve efficiency in your softgel production process, it’s important to keep in mind these machines might not be for everyone. While they can significantly increase speed and productivity, you must be aware that these machines are significantly more expensive than tumble and tunnel drying systems.

For companies that can afford an in-line drying system, this cost is well worth the time saved in the production process. Smaller manufacturers may find pre-drying systems more manageable on a limited budget.

For some companies, in-line drying systems may also be too limiting. In-line drying only works with oil-based softgel capsules. If you’re producing non-oil-based capsules, an in-line dryer is likely not a feasible option.

Before purchasing your next dryer, be sure to evaluate your needs and budget. This will help you determine whether an in-line dryer is the right purchase option for you.

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