The Ultimate Guide to Softgel Encapsulation Equipment

Across the globe, individuals from all walks of life rely on vitamins, supplements, and pharmaceuticals to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. Attaining a high standard of living is made possible, at least in part, by encapsulation machines and manufacturing equipment. Encapsulation machines ensure that precisely the right dose of powder or liquid gets contained within each capsule, and that large quantities of capsules are produced with precision and efficiency. For example, consider this: Soft gel capsule machines are capable of producing over 529,920 capsules per hour! Procuring the right equipment makes a huge difference.

The nutraceutical industry is currently experiencing a period of growth and innovation, and selecting the right encapsulation manufacturing equipment or updating out-of-date machinery is essential if you want to benefit from this upsurge while maintaining a superior level of quality and professionalism. The right equipment can also lower labour costs, reduce the number of defective capsules, and last longer—so making an informed investment now could turn into significant savings in the long run.

In this whitepaper, we take a look at:

  • The importance of investing in high-quality encapsulation manufacturing equipment
  • When is it time to upgrade out-of-date equipment?
  • Descriptions of various types of encapsulation equipment and what their functions are

Download this whitepaper to learn more about softgel encapsulation equipment.


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